Dating in Your Sixties – More and more are doing it!

CLEVELAND SINGLESDear Eloisa: I am a 62 year old woman. Widowed about four years ago, I am seriously considering dating again. I’m just not sure how to go about it. Where do I find local single men? Not to mention, I am a grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren, is it okay for a woman in my positon to start dating? And of course, I am extremely nervous about the prospect of meeting men. What if they don’t find me interesting or attractive enough…As you can tell, I am apprehensive to say the least. What is your suggestion?


Rose – Cleveland, OH

Dear Rose: What you’re feeling and experiencing is quite common. But it is also quite common for women and men in their sixties and into their seventies to get back into the dating pool and test the waters, so to speak. It is natural for a vibrant, active woman in her 60s to want to meet someone special, to want to share her life with that eligible man and to want to get close to someone again.

So you’re a grandmother. Plenty of us are. Grandmas need to have fun and experience life, love and romance too. The key is to do it safely and when you feel most comfortable. I guarantee you there is a man out there who would love to meet you and consequently date you. Think of all the wonderful things to two of you could do together. The Cleveland area is full of art, culture, dining, you name it. And it is all the better when you get to experience Cleveland’s offerings with a life partner by your side.

One of the best ways to meet singles in the Cleveland area is through dating services. I am not talking about random dating sites that present you with unverified profiles. Especially when you’re dating in your sixties, those sites can actually be somewhat dangerous. Cleveland Singles is unlike any other dating service out there. They check each and every one of their members’ backgrounds, employment and marital status, as well as doing thorough personality profiles. They make sure you’re safe, and they even help you choose a suitable partner, arrange dates and schedule the details.

Wanting to date again is not wrong, in fact it’s natural. And with Cleveland Singles you will surely enjoy the experience as you embark on that journey to discover true love.

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