What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique - Cleveland SinglesWe are absolutely not just a dating website. We provide a full-service package to give your love life the personal attention it deserves. We have a specially trained staff ready to tend to your needs every step of the way. Don’t put your love life on hold, call or submit an application online today to see if you qualify as a member. Once you submit your application a trained staff member will respond to your submission and let you know in a timely fashion whether you qualify for our services.

Once approved, please tell us all about yourself! We want to know what makes you, you. Tell us your past experiences with dating sites, what worked and what didn’t work. Share your dating history, personal dreams, and professional goals. Every detail goes into how we start your search for the most compatible members.

There are many dangers to online dating that users have dealt with. The Wall Street Journal published an article that divulged some scary experiences that online dating users have had. The publication stated; 40 percent of profiles enrolled in online dating sites are married, with another 10 percent operated by registered sex offenders. That is downright terrifying. With Cleveland Singles you will never have to worry about such dangers. The secured screenings we provide eliminate those fears entirely. These screenings include criminal background checks to eliminate those with violent or sexual criminal pasts. We are fostering a safe and trusted environment for our members to find love.

When it comes to your profile, we want you to look your best. This means no outdated or cell phone pictures. We want you want to have the best presentation possible for your profile. Every member is provided with a professional photography session including high-quality portraits to use for your profile. We make sure you are completely happy with the results. Now that you are ready to present your best, feel free to attend one of our dating mixers with locations across the Cleveland metroplex. Our professional staff on-site at every event to assist in your comfort. So let us know if you want us to make an introduction to any attractive members you come across, online or in-person.

What Makes Us Unique - Cleveland SinglesHere at Cleveland Singles we have an open-door policy. Feel free to schedule a consultation to speak with one of our representatives any time during business hours. Our services extend to planning first dates, customizing your profile, narrowing your search, as well as relationship coaching and love advice!

Contact us today at (216) 512-0647 or submit your request for more information, and let us help you find your perfect match!